PSHS Spirit Week – Fall 2022


On October 18-21 was Poland’s 2022 Spirit Week. The first-semester economics class comes up with the themes. The first day’s theme was Adam Sandler. Students dressed in Baggy shorts, over-sized tee shirts, and accessories such as hats and sunglasses. 

On the second day, the theme was color war. All the different grades were assigned a color to wear. Seniors wore blue, juniors wore white, sophomores wore pink, freshmen wore purple, and 7th and grade wore orange and yellow. 

Thursday’s theme was country vs country club. Students divided the theme by either dressing up in flannels and overalls or dressing up in tennis skirts and cardigans. They even divided the music selection on the loudspeaker, and they played a variety of country songs and preppy pop songs. 

On the last day of spirit week, the theme was the economics shirts designed by our first-semester economics class.  It was a black shirt with Halloween designs. On the front was the Poland “P” logo with bat wings and on the back was a tombstone with the words “Trick or Treat can’t be beat.” We ended spirit week with a pep assembly. There were so many fun activities the students and staff participated in, such as hamster ball soccer, tug of war, dodgeball, and teachers getting pied in the face.

With spirit week concluding we posed a few questions to some of the economics students. 

We asked one of the students, how are the themes decided?

“It’s a vote we take and whatever gets voted most popular wins,” said Senior Owen Lu. 

We then posed another question, how was it putting together the pep assembly, and running it?

“It was fun organizing it and watching everyone enjoy the stuff we put together,” said Senior Ellison Shaffer. 

Overall, spirit week and the pep assembly was very successful and the students and staff are looking forward to the next one.