Economics Clothing Drop

Tuesday, October 25 was the drop of Poland economics class clothing. The class has been preparing this drop for a while now and the day has finally come when all the work the students have put in can come to life.

For weeks, they have been putting together the designs and prices with the CEO of the company, JP Genova, contacting businesses, such as the Second Sole, to get the designs from the screen to actually being made.

During 5th period at school, The Top Dog Designs Staff and students finally got to show everyone all the clothing they came up with. They have so many things to offer more than anyone could even imagine.

Some of the things they have to offer are a dry fit hoodie in black, an embroidered crew neck in white, gray, and black, a long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirt offered in blue, black, and white, pajama pants with pockets, Nike sweatpants, black Under Armor men’s shorts, and gray women’s sweat shorts. 

Along with all of that, they even have extra stuff such as a black aluminum water bottle and a beanie with a ball on top.

It is so great that a group of high schoolers get to experience coming up with items and actually selling them. They are all so excited to bring these products to the public and to make some great sales.

We interviewed some fellow staff members like Market VP, Francesca Rubesa. She gave some thoughts about the designs.

Rebesa said, “I like them and I feel like they have simple designs that many people would like.”

She reflected on the fact that at times it is stressful to have her position.

Rubesa said, “At times I struggle to think of new ideas but I always figure it out.”

Part of being a well oiled machine is teamwork. She talked about how well her class worked together.

Rubesa said, “I feel that our class has great teamwork and chemistry”

Senior Ben Harrell had some thoughts as an outsider.

Harrell said, “I love their clothes, content on social media, and their logo”