Logan Flament: The 4-Time State Championship Runner


Helen Faur, Staff Writer

Senior cross country runner, Logan Flament, closes his final high school cross country season with a bang at the state championship on November 5. The accomplished runner finished in 31st place in Division 2 with a time of 16:39, running a total of 3.12 miles. Nevertheless, this is not the end of Logan’s running career. 

Success never came easy for anyone, and Logan’s story is no different. Flament attributes his achievements to consistency in his workouts as well as his coaches’ guidance. He began training consistently since seventh grade, running five to seven miles per day six days a week.

As for fun, Flament said, “My teammates make running more enjoyable and give me a reason to keep working hard.”

As part of his success story, there came along injuries and hardships as well. The track and cross country runner claims that he began to take his sport more seriously after racing poorly in the 3200m (2 mile) in the track and field state championship his sophomore year. However, this only helped and motivated him to train harder.

In addition, Logan suffered a femoral stress fracture, causing him to miss his entire junior year track season.

“Staying healthy has been a major obstacle training for this cross country season,” Flament said, “but I managed to adjust my training to allow me to finish strong.”

Despite the highs and lows Flament faced, he came out on top and ran at the state championship four times throughout his high school career, and he has more ambitions yet to come. Logan’s goals include breaking the school record for the 1600m (1 mile) and winning a state championship. Further down the line, he hopes to run Division 1 at The Ohio State University or The US Naval Academy.

Even though Logan’s senior cross country season has come to an end, it only made him realize how fast time passes by and made him appreciate the rest of his senior year.

Flament leaves some final advice for all runners: “Listen to your body and don’t let it turn into a chore. If running stops being fun it will be very hard to push through all of the training.”