PSHS District 5 Honors Band Participants


Four high school students from Poland Schools have been accepted to the district five honors band this year. Participants are junior Katlyn Hupp, who plays the flute and piccolo and recieved 3rd chair; junior Samantha Lahart, who plays the clarinet and received 1st chair; senior Dylan Thomas, who also plays clarinet and received third chair; and senior Daniel Pike who plays trombone. 

These students had to audition and were then chosen to be in the Honors Band based on their incredible skills and talents. They had to learn an audition piece and put effort into it to make it their own. They auditioned via video and had to wait back for the response.

Once they are accepted, the students in honors band have very little rehearsal time to put together the annual concert. This means that they have to practice a lot outside of rehearsal as well as be good with learning music fast.

“I like the adrenaline Honors Band gives you, because you only have 3 rehearsals to learn the music. Also the music is really fun to learn” Lahart said.

The Honors Band consists of all the best players from all the schools in the district. They are conducted by a conductor from the area and work together to put on this amazing concert within such a short amount of time.

“It is a little bit more difficult because you’re being directed by someone different you’re playing with much better people so it’s a different environment but it is extremely fun” Hupp said

The participants are extremely excited about the upcoming concert as well as the opportunity to be in honors band as a whole. 

“I’m actually really excited because it’s something new that I haven’t really done before. And so it’s really interesting too because I really like playing music so I am just really exciting to be doing more opportunities with it” Thomas said

The band will be performing at the Stambaugh auditorium on November 19th at 9:30 pm. Congratulations and good luck to all of the participants.