Poland Player’s “A Christmas Carol:” A Success


December 1st – 3rd was the annual Fall Play presented by Poland Players. This year’s production was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

If you did not get the chance to watch the show, The Christmas Carol was a story about an elderly mean-spirited man who gets visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve night. The ghosts show him events from his past, present, and future, in hopes to convert him into a kind and joyful soul. 

The lead role of the man Ebenezer Scrooge is played by none other than Owen Rogers. He put on an amazing performance acting as an old cranky man with no Christmas spirit. 

The play was very well put together by our Poland players and of course their outstanding Director Mrs. Fonagy. The stage crew also did a great job in building the sets, along with changing each set throughout the acts. 

To get a better insight on the play, we decided to pose a few questions to the cast members.  

The first question we posed was, “What was your overall favorite part of the play”?

“My favorite part was seeing everyone in their costumes, and it all coming together,” states Senior Ben Harrell, who played Fred, Scrooge’s nephew. 

Next, we posed another question, “What did you think you struggled most with in the role you were given”?

“I had a lot of complex costume changes in a short amount of time,” states Senior Dennis McCully, who played young Scrooge. 

All in all, the play was a success; the director and the cast are now working on the next production for the 2023 spring musical called Guys and Dolls. If interested in becoming a part of this wonderful cast, please contact Mrs. Fonagy.