Student Body’s Thoughts on the School Calendar


Ben Harrell and George Maillis

As we are wrapping up our second quarter here at Poland Seminary Junior Senior High School, many board members and families in the community are already thinking about next year. The potential school year calendar has been released for the 2023-2024 school year, and we have decided to ask around the school to get the thoughts and feelings of this proposed school year calendar. Currently, the school year would last 174 days and have about 2 weeks for Christmas Break.

We had the pleasure of speaking with multiple underclassmen, one of the first people I got to speak with is Junior Olivia Loftus. I questioned her about how she feels about the start date and the final day.

Loftus said, “I feel pretty good about the start date and when we get out; I think that the final days being pushed back is probably better, so that we can get more time to study and do better on these finals.”

With these later end dates could help students excel more in their finals. Overall, she was very positive.

We were also able to speak to Junior Liam Burk. He also spoke positively.

“The big things I care about is two weeks for Christmas, maybe a little more and a week for Spring Break, and it looks like we have that.”

It seems that this new school schedule is hitting many of the criteria that students are asking for.

We were also able to speak with Sophomore Kate Harrell and Freshman Alex Cook.

We asked Harrell how she felt about the schedule.

“It seems fair with an adequate amount of saved days and days for break,” and we also questioned Cook about how he felt about the breaks within the school year.

“I like how we have longer breaks, and I like keeping them long; it allows me to spend more time with my family and actually enjoy my Christmas and not have to worry about school.”

The two underclassman feel very strongly about how they are in support of the new schedule.

All in all, the new schedule for the next school year seems to be very positive within the student body and seems to be the front runner for the next school year.