Student Run Businesses


Busy high school students often struggle with finding a job that works with their neverending schedule; therefore, several Poland students took the initiative to expand upon their hobbies and to create their own businesses. 

Senior, Olivia Zura, and sophomore, Reagan Turner, worked together to turn their hobby of crocheting into a small business. While Reagan first learned to crochet in 7th grade, Olivia picked up the activity over the last summer. Olivia was inspired when Reagan gifted her a hand-made bag, and ever since, the two improved upon their skills and created their business “The Lucky Cat Crochet.”

One goal they have for their new business is to have their own table setup at a craft market. Currently, they are selling through their Instagram page (

Olivia comments, “It’s so neat to see how excited other people are creating things and sharing them.”

They offer items such as hats, scarves, bags, etc., including custom orders for those who want to personalize their item. In the upcoming months, they may be featured at some markets in the Youngstown area. 

Another Poland student who is a junior, Allison Lockiec, has a similar business, “Love From Allie,” where she creates blankets and jewelry. She expresses the enjoyment she found when participating in craft markets and meeting like minded people.

“It was nice to befriend other crafters and be inspired by their work. It’s a very kind and motivational community,” Allison says. 

Creating a business allows students to have an outlet for their creativity. They can benefit from doing their hobby and learn skills like communication it takes to participate in markets. Similar to the freedoms of working for your own business, some students might pick up a side hustle such as re-selling old clothes online or babysitting. 

Nevertheless, high school students prove to be hardworking and creative by finding an enjoyable way to get out into the community and share their talents and ideas. These student-owned businesses serve as a prime example of creating opportunities, and especially show leadership.