How To Spend Valentine’s Day Solo


Christina Gray, Staff Writer

It is evident that Valentine’s Day heavily centers around romance; however, love comes in all forms. If you happen to be single this year, take it as a day to show self appreciation or an opportunity to gift the people you care about. Here are a few ways to celebrate:

  1. Order Takeout From Your Favorite Restaurant. What’s a better way to enjoy your day than fueling your body with its favorite meal? Whether that be fast food or overpriced pasta, your belly should feel happy by the end of the night.
  2. Host a Movie Night. If you can’t get to the movie theater, make your living room or bedroom your own personal theater. So grab some popcorn, pick up your favorite candy, and splurge a few bucks on movies you’ve wanted to see.

  3. Treat Yourself to a Gift. Now is a perfect time to buy an item off of your wishlist. Retail therapy can go a long way!
  4. Do Something Nice for Someone. Ways to make a loved one or friend feel appreciated can be as simple as sending a kind text or paying for the person in front of you. Today is not all about couples, which makes it the perfect occasion to brighten others’ day.

  5. Bake. Dessert can make any day better. Take an hour out of your evening to make your favorite treats even if it’s by yourself. The best part is they can be all for you.