Poland student starts his business journey


Ben Harrell, Staff Writer

Most kids like to play video games, sports or even cook after school. But Jonah Zuzan is not like most kids. He has taken the initiative to follow his dreams, capitalizing on his young age. His passion has led him to start and own his company.

There are some kids in today’s society that just want to work and are looking for other things besides college to pursue after high school.

He states, “I want to inspire people that anything is possible, and that college is not the only thing you need to be successful”.

With a few other students at Poland Seminary, Jonah Zuzan has started his own company called Zuzan Property Services. His company’s mission is to take lawn care landscaping to the next level in service and style. 

Bringing a company like this into the area helps the student body as well. The possibility for a student to get a job in high school while they have homework along with the normal stuff teenagers do these days, becomes higher. 

Zuzan proclaims, “When I was younger I would always watch my dad mow the lawn and ever since then, it’s all I wanted to do. It is just something that I am very passionate about.”