Should we take midterms before or after break?


Most school years midterms fall right after winter break. This can, however, cause a lot of stress and worry to the students cramming in information during break instead of relaxing and letting themselves recharge like they’re supposed to. Most students would prefer to have midterms before break because then they could truly relax over break and not have to study for or worry about midterms. 

Sophomore Ellianna Volpini said, “Personally, I feel taking midterms would be a lot easier before break, since the information needed would still be pretty new and we could just relax during our break and not stress about upcoming exams.”

Also, taking midterms before break would make it so that students wouldn’t forget everything they were learning over break, and so they wouldn’t be confused when they go back to school. If midterms were already over, then no one would be in the middle of learning something over break and thus would not have to worry about forgetting information

Sophomore Hannah Sharber said, “… no one would like to worry about studying over the break which we all say we will do but we don’t. Then teachers can have time to get ready for the new year and new lessons. The more time we have out of school the more we forget about what we have just learned”

Another problem with having midterms after break would be that the people who have college classes online or on campus are already done with their midterms and it messes with their schedules. 

Senior Kristina Tuffaro says, “Not to mention having it after break makes the semester seem really dragged out, while my out of school college course have all ended and my new semester classes have already started, I still have to worry about midterms for classes I would like to be done with.”

I personally would prefer to take midterms before break so I could relax without a dark cloud hanging over my head, and I wouldn’t forget any information about things we were currently learning.