Senior High School Reflection


Derek Dunham and James Clutter

We interviewed three seniors to ask them how their first semester went, and we had them reflect on their highschool career coming to an end.

 We interviewed senior class president Dennis McCully to ask him some questions. We asked how his first semester was: “I had a pretty good semester! Can’t believe we already made it through winter break; I suppose that means we’re halfway through! Time really does fly.”  

He told us his likes but he also had some dislikes and wanted to change some things as well. 

McCully said, “The fact that it’s over. It’s hard to believe that in a couple months my class will all go their separate ways. I liked our Covid-19 schedule with shortened periods. Not because that means less school, but actually because it forced us to be more efficient with our time and we actually accomplished more.”

We also asked his opinions on midterms and he replied simply that when you have a good schedule it’s all good. He will mainly miss the friendships in high school. 

We then interviewed Owen Lu to get his opinions on the first semester along with his midterm experience.

Lu said, “I liked being able to hang out with my friends and having more freedom than when we were younger. However he dislikes that the year is ending faster because the future is approaching. 

Finally, we interviewed senior Noah Huda on the same topic at hand.

Huda said, “My first semester went very well. I completed many goals of mine so far. My main goal that I achieved this year was winning a district soccer title. It had been about 15 years since Poland won a district title, and winning this title meant a lot to me. It has been one of my main goals since I was a freshman.” 

Huda also reflected on challenges. 

He said, “The most challenging problem I have faced this year was definitely writing my research paper with two thousand words. I encountered many writing blocks, but I got through them and ended up with an amazing grade.” 

He also said midterms were exhausting as well. 

“I will miss high school a lot: my friends, the coaches, and the teachers. I have learned a lot from plenty of people throughout my four years in high school. I will never forget the memories I have made from these 4 years.”

His expectations for college are excited about college. 

He said that he is looking forward to attending Mercyhurst.