Learning how to transition from high school to college or trade school 


While being a high school senior is something everyone looks forward to at the same time, once you become one the sometimes scary realization of planning your life after high school hits. 

However, learning to deal with the transition of being a high school student to now going into your career or college doesn’t have to be so nerve wracking. Many people get overthinking when it is good to think about multiple life pathways, overthinking so much and worrying is not healthy. Making a plan for your life is always a good idea; many people get things like journals and write down possible things they could be interested in going into for careers. Journaling to prepare for your life after high school can actually be very rewarding such as you can write down your goal savings amount and keep track of it daily or weekly. There are things like finance journals to help with that specifically. Especially with student loans, debt, and other things needed for college, having a finance journal can help. 

A good approach to dealing with the emotions of growing up is learning to live in the moment more with the rest of your high school years such as going to sports games, having a hobby, and  going to things like school dances or other activities your school offers. 

Since high school is learning all about yourself, taking quizzes on different career paths that may interest you and high school to college preparation apps are something many people find very helpful. Some of the best apps that are personal recommendations include the following: Encourage by ACT , Naviance Student Mobile. These apps help with college planning and gives teens tools to research and save schools as well as Naviance helps create a to do list for specific colleges and trade schools people would want to attend.

Preparing months before college instead of doing everything at the last minute will help relieve pressure such as if you’re planning on living in a dorm, to start getting furniture and necessities throughout your current school year, so you don’t have to close to the college school year. When planning on going out of town for college, making lasting memories with friends, family, and significant others is something that helps to create a heartfelt transition and help with homesickness. Homesickness is a normal experience for many people going away; this is where utilizing technology can be of significance. Things like daily calling with loved ones, video chatting, sending letters or packages can help ease anxiety, a recent trend is to send packages of items either regarding your current college or get sent a ‘’care package,” having items of importance to you or your family inside it. 

Bouncing off of the homesickness, nerves for college and going into the trade workforce is a very real thing and no matter how you’re feeling it is valid; after all, it is a first step into your adult life.  Many people feel upset about growing up, moving away, and learning how to be a young adult because of those feelings people feel comfort in sharing how they feel to a parent or friend. If you are feeling this way, it is okay to seek help. 

Everyone’s college and high school experiences are unique, so it is good to make the most of it; after all, you only go through high school once! Staying in the present moment and living life to your fullest, while using the tools you have to help you is one of the best things you can do.