The closing of the speech and debate season


The Poland Speech and Debate season is coming to an end. We have five students going to states, Friday March 3 and Saturday March 4  Junior Owen Puhl and Sophomore Erika Casey are going to states in informational speaking. Junior Liam Burk is going to state for humorous interpretation. Freshmen Rowan Downey and Senior Colin Anderson kids are going to states for congressional speaking. 

All of the students this year worked very hard on their speeches and did a fantastic job. Many freshmen joined speech and debate this year and did amazing during their first season. They all put in the work to try and improve during their first season and have learned so much

“I enjoyed the opportunity to go to new places and meet new people, as well as being able to indulge in something new,” said Freshmen Delaney Svatosky.

Those going to states are the best of the best in their category. They did an exceptional job at all of their tournaments throughout the season. They get to go to states and show their talents off on a bigger stage and compete with the best of the best. Just making it to states on its own is a huge accomplishment.

“I feel pretty good [about making it to states], and I’m excited to see all the new competition… and see what I can learn from everybody,” said Liam Burk.

The team grew really close this year and enjoyed hanging out at practices as well as during and after the tournaments. They have a monthly team practice accompanied by a game night where the team gets to know each other and grow closer. 

“I liked my team and I liked getting to know the freshmen… I am sad that speech is done but I am hoping we’ll stay in touch,” said Senior Colin Anderson.

The team all did amazing and overall had a very successful season. Congratulations and good luck to all the students participating in states this year!