Youngstown Subpar-anormal Ghost Hunters to the Crouse Mills True Value Store


Do you believe in ghosts? Would you believe that your town is haunted? As it turns out, it may very well be. 

On Saturday, April 22, Dennis McCully and Ben Harrell accompanied the MLO BROS podcast and the Youngstown Subpar-anormal Ghost Hunters to the Crouse Mills True Value Store. Right in North Lima, it’s a building you have probably driven by countless times. The store is home to every product A-Z;  it is also home to ghosts, according to some.

Prior to this experience, there have been reports of items flying off the shelves, train sets starting on their own, and sightings of a shadow man with one hand. The Seminarian was fortunate enough to be included in the investigation.

The building was quite expansive and built like a labyrinth due to the decades of various additions. Getting lost was not uncommon, even in the daylight. The control center was set by the entrance, near the cash register. Various groups were sent out to traverse the store, using various equipment to make contact with the spirits.

After about two hours of silence, we started to experience paranormal activity. Two flashlights were set, one as a “yes” response and the other a “no.”  We would ask questions and the ghosts would respond accordingly. Out of the blue, we began to get intelligent answers. It is important to note, we at the Seminarian personally checked all the equipment used during the investigation. The flashlights had no buttons, and the tip had to be manually twisted in order for the device to emit light.  We can say with the utmost certainty nothing was being manipulated by any of the ghost hunters. That is apparent because the team went several hours on end without anything happening. According to the spirit, in life she was a young woman who came via railroad. She was not tethered to the building, however. She even professed belief in God. 

Shortly after this paranormal activity, the group changed their sights and went into isolation sessions. One person sat in a room alone with nothing but a flashlight. The owner explained that the room used to store molasses, and has not been opened in 15 years. We were the first to step inside! Dennis and Ben were eager to step up to the challenge. Dennis was first to go, and after his ten minutes alone they switched. Both said they would do it again, but while in isolation nothing happened except being overwhelmed by the darkness, with the added scare of having just seen the flashlights mysteriously go off.

Are you convinced of the supernatural? Perhaps you should see for yourself! The whole event was live streamed on the MLO BROS YouTube and Facebook, to which a link is provided below.