Mr. DiPietro, a Great English Teacher


Mr. DiPietro has been an English teacher at Poland Schools for  “8 years.”

When I’m in class with him, I like to work with him because he is a vital teacher to work with. He helps me to understand how to annotate passages, and he explains everything well.

When questioning Mr. DiPietro about his favorite part about teaching in class he said, “Working with the students.”

My favorite part of being in Mr. DiPietro’s class F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, participating in Socratic Seminars and in class discussions.

Mr. DiPietro graduated from Boardman High School and from Youngstown State University. Prior to teaching at Poland, he worked at WS Guy Middle School in Liberty, Ohio.

Mr. DiPietro worked at the Poland Middle School and is now at  Poland Seminary High School; it was very interesting for him to work at both schools. He taught English differently at the middle school than the high school. Asking Mr. DiPietro about the differences between grade levels, DiPietro said that “the curriculum is much different.”

Last month, Mr. DiPietro won a recent award called “The Interactive Staff Member of the Month.”

In the 2021-2022 school year, Mr. DiPietro came up to teach at the high school, and he felt grateful because he wanted to try a different experience.

Questioning Mr. DiPietro about how he felt coming to teach at the high school DiPietro said, “It was a moment of extraordinary excitement.”