Poland Lion’s Club First Annual Kite Competition


The Poland Lion’s Club will be hosting their First Annual Kite Competition on May 20. This event is free to enter for any participants, and it is highly recommended that you pre-register in order to make sure your spot is secured. There are different categories, and the competition is divided up between grade groups.

Important Note: All participants must reside in Poland Township. This is a very fun and unique event that you can do as a hobby or just hanging out with your friends for students residing in the Poland Community!

This will be a 3 hour event; competition opens at 1 pm and will close around 4 pm. Just in case there is inclement weather scheduled on this day, they have a makeup date which will take place a day after on May 21st at 1 pm. 

Some categories include: smallest kite with 25 feet of string, largest kite on 200 feet of string, most unique kite, steadiest kite, highest angle flown on 200 feet of string. 

The grade group levels are    1-4         5-8         9-12     

(These will be the different levels that will take place)

The winners of all these groups will be by category and different prizes will be awarded to different grade groups and the prizes will be determined at a later date for each grade group. 

Just in case you have any additional questions you can call the # 330-941-9385 or 847-989-4898. Same day registration is at 12:30 pm that day. You can find registration forms online or on their website if you need one to sign up. 

  • The competitor that wins by grade group in each category is awarded a winner’s certificate.
  •  The competitor with the most certificates within their grade group is awarded the prize for that grade group.
  •  The most available winner’s certificates by grade group are 6.
  •  In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by correctly answering a multiple-choice kite trivia question(s).
  •  The ruling on the field by the judge(s) is final.

We asked fellow student Senior Dylan Thomas some questions about this kite competition because he will be attending and participating in the competition. 

  1. Why do you like flying kites?  “I like to fly kites because it is a passion and joy that I have and it is so much fun.”
  2. What made you decide to enter this competition?  “I think it will be silly and unique and fun for me and my friends.”
  3. Would you recommend this to your friends?  “I would recommend this to my friend, especially if in a group because if you’re alone it may not be as interesting but always fun with a group.”
  4. What are you hoping to win? If you do win, what do you think the prize will be?   “I am hoping the prize is a gift card or a cash option for a place. I also hope to get a winner’s certificate as well.”

See more information on the Poland Lion’s Club Facebook.