Criminal Justice Field Trip


On Thursday, May 4, Criminal Justice students left Poland Seminary High School to take a field-trip to Mahoning County’s jail facilities. First, students visited the Juvenile Justice Center, then the Mahoning County Jail, and finally the Police Court to become more knowledgeable of incarceration and its environment.

Students provided insight into the jails, contrasting the two. The adult facility was said to be more intense compared to the subtly put together Juvenile Justice Center. The juvenile center showcased more recreational activities, such as basketball, while the adult jail had “activities” based around laborious tasks. 

Junior, Rya Kaden, illustrated, “Being in the adult facility was really terrifying and eye opening, mainly because of the environment the inmates lived in. Going into it I didn’t expect it to be realistic to the conditions I’ve heard about.” 

Criminal Justice Teacher, Mr. Rowe, expressed his hopes that students would take away the severity of the situation and the effects it has on a criminal as well as everyone involved in their life. Not only does it affect the inmate, it also negatively impacts the people closely related to them, whether it be income or mental health. 

On their visit to the Mahoning County Courtroom, they were informed of the way the trial process works. Along with this, they learned the significance of objects in the courtroom, such as the paintings featured there. Events that occurred in the courtroom were also explained.

Overall, this field-trip was beneficial for students to get first-hand experience compared to in class learning. Students are presented with the material in person, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their choice of subject.