National Honor Society Ceremony

Recently, the National Honors Society had its induction ceremony and welcomed 60 new members. 

The new members are Lindsay Anderson, Bella Bertilacci, Katie Biggs, Connor Blumel, Mary Brant, Caden Buck, Liam Burk, Austin Bushaw, Matthew Butch, Michael Chambers, Michael Corfias, Chris Denney, Jason DePascale, Elias Diamandis, Ryan DiLullo, Emma Ebie, Bridgett Eckman, Antonios Efthimiou, Dominic Elia, Helen Faur, Cole Fulton, Maddie Garwood, Camden Gomon, Nina Gordon, Parker Gromen, Allie Grope, Logan Hackstedde, Sydney Henderson, Katelyn Hupp, Jacob Jenkins, Kylie Kapics, Bella Khoury, Caliope Kindinis, Andrew Ladigo, Vincent Lattanzio, Liberty Lavelle, Julia Liddle, Allison Lockiec, Olivia Loftus, Matthew Matiste, Paige McGivern, Alexander Medina, Antonio Medina, Aden Mehle, Daniel Nittoli, Josey Norris, David Olson, Natalee Patterson, Owen Puhl, Katelynn Roberts , Jake Rothenbuhler, Ava Sabrin, Mya Scott, Ryan Snyder, Alexander Stefek, Andrew Todd, Leanne Williams, Nadia Zarbaugh, Vincent Zuccaro,  and Jacob Zura. 

The ceremony consisted of an introduction of all the new members done by the current officers of NHS.  It also included a speech from each officer about the core traits each member of NHS should exhibit. The traits are service, character, leadership, and scholarship. 

There was also a speech from Mrs. Monteiro, the biology teacher, who talked about honor, and letting your light shine no matter what.

There was a small performance from three flute players who also happened to be inductees juniors Kaitlyn Hupp, Helen Faur, and Emma Eebie

 The inductees also read an the oath with a lit candle.

All of the inductees are excited to be recognized and inducted into NHS

 “It’s an honor to be recognized for hard work and to be able to give back to the community” Junior Isabella Bertilacci said. 

The inductees into NHS had to prove that they had good grades, are active in the school, have past leadership experiences, and have given back to the community with at least 40 service hours. 

The service hour requirement is a really unique way for students to be able to give back to their community and gain a positive experience.

“I did most of my service hours through my church, so I was able to  work with  people who I was close with and giving back is always a great experience,” said Junior Katie Biggs.