Teachers react to Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps

Technology in this day and age has undoubtedly hit a new peak. With advancements everyday, humans seem to be taking a step back and are starting to become more unreliable as a breed. One of those technological advancements being AI or Artificial Intelligence. 

Teachers are on the front lines with AI, facing it head on and looking at students having to decide whether that is their work or not. It puts our teachers in a hard situation to have certain judgment on assignments or tests. 

A well respected teacher Ronald Rowe, shares with us his opinion on AI. 

Rowe proclaims, “It’s Garbage.”

Rowe teaches advanced government classes along with psychology and criminal justice. With all these classes and lesson plans to prepare for, he should not be put into a position where has to look and make sure his students’ work is authentic.

Math Teacher Sarah Ross, states her thoughts on the topic. 

Ross states, “I think it’s making the kids lazier and not making them think for themselves; they just rely on technology too much.” 

Finally, Accounting Teacher Mrs. Paine also had something to say on the upcoming war against AI. 

Mrs. Paine said, “I really don’t agree with it.”