Advice to a Freshman in High School

Advice to a Freshman in High School

Sidnee DeLuca, Staff Writer

Oftentimes, as a senior, it can been quite difficult to think about how high school may be different if we knew more before it began. Sometimes, seniors wish that if it were possible to go back in time to change the past and fix our mistakes, we would. Quite a lot of seniors wish they knew more of what to expect in the new high school environment.

I interviewed a few of her (senior) peers with the following questions. “What advice would you give to a freshmen?”, “What is your favorite year of high school and why?” and “What is your biggest regret in high school?” 

The first senior peer interviewed was Madison Pfarr.

Pfarr said, “Enjoy every single year because it really does go by so fast. It is also wise to stay on top of your grades.”

When asked about her favorite year of high school she elaborated on two different answers. 

Pfarr said, “Academically, freshmen year was my favorite year. The testing and assignments were easier. Socially, Junior year was my favorite year because I went out and hung out with my friends the most.”

Pfarr added, “My biggest regret in high school was taking my time for granted. I wish I enjoyed my years more than I did.” 

Ellie Shaffer said, “Make sure to be nice to everyone because you never know what they are going through.”

As far as Shaffer’s favorite year, she elaborated on her sophomore year.”

Shaffer said, “My favorite year of high school was sophomore year because everyone started having the privilege to drive and go out more often. This gave me the chance to see my friends the most outside of school.”

Peyden Grope had some great advice for underclassmen. 

Grope said, “Don’t be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone.”

Grope added, “Junior year was my favorite because I went out the most.”

Also, Grope discussed how important sports were during her high school years.

Grope added, “I regret not participating in high school sports sooner. I wish I started playing lacrosse my freshman year instead of junior because I missed out on a lot more. Lacrosse was a lot of fun.” 

Jacob Madden provided advice about learning in high school.

Madden said, “My advice would be no matter what push yourself everyday, so you can learn something from school every day. Don’t be scared of failing. Make sure to be kind to everyone, it goes a long way. It can be to a teacher or a friend. The last thing is to not be afraid to be yourself.”

Madden added, “Senior year because I got out of my comfort zone and found out what I want to do for college.”

Some more advice from all of our fellow seniors and teachers: 

More tips for the freshmen and underclassman (explained): 

Academically: Some advice us seniors would give to the incoming freshmen and all underclassmen would be to motivate yourself, always do your best, and try to enjoy learning new things. 

Socially/Friendships: Advice for freshmen and underclassmen (for their social life) would be to be kind to everyone you meet in high school no matter how they treat you. You never know what they may be going through. Being positive and kind can make you some more friends. Make as many real friends as you can in high school. The quality of your friends is more important than your quantity. Spend as much time with your true friends as you can before you graduate because the time does not slow down. 

Financially: Get a job once you get your license or your junior year in high school if possible. It is best to start making money for college. If you have the ability to learn what it will be like to make your own money and what it is like to balance your time into: school, work, friends, and family, it will prepare you for the real world outside of high school. 

Free time: High school will sometimes provide you with some free time. It is wise to make the best of it. Maybe try to find what truly makes you happy. A way you can do this is by joining some clubs and try some new activities. Participate in some things that interest you.