Senior Sports Recap


The culmination of years of effort, commitment, and priceless memories is high school. Seniors are excited about the chance to demonstrate their abilities, leadership, and teamwork in the final chapter of their high school sporting careers. These seniors fight against competing schools and work to win, leaving a lasting impact on the football field, basketball court, or track and field, among other sports. Senior athletes at Poland Seminary High School form lifelong relationships and make the most of their last season on the field with the help of their coaches, teammates, and the entire school community.

In addition to the excitement of competition, Poland Seminary High School senior sports teach important lessons about life. Seniors get insight into the value of persistence, discipline, and tenacity through their sports endeavors. They tackle obstacles head-on, deal with adversity head-on, and cultivate a solid work ethic that will help them in their future undertakings. Senior athletes often act as mentors for younger peers, encouraging them to achieve their own sports goals and establishing a sense of community among the students.

Beyond the lessons taught, Poland Seminary High School seniors produce priceless experiences that will be treasured forever. These experiences foster a sense of connection and togetherness among senior athletes, from the joyful moments of scoring the winning goal to the companionship shared during team workouts and bus rides. The last year of high school sports is a time to look back on the experience, recognize successes, and gain enduring connections that go far beyond the boundaries of the playing field.

Seniors seize the chance to demonstrate their abilities and leave lasting impressions.

When speaking with senior Derek Thomas he said, “My senior year for sports was the best I have ever had. I felt the teams I played for had more chemistry, which allowed us as a team to play better. All of my teammates have helped create great memories that I will cherish forever.”

Another senior, Aiden Davis, reflected on his senior year with this comment:

“It was a very memorable year, as we made it all the way to the regional semis. The team pushed past all  problems and ended the year with a great run. Winning districts will be a memory that sticks with me for a long time.”