Best Ideas for Graduation Parties


A graduation party is when family and friends celebrate seniors after they graduate high school. Graduation parties are a big event here in Youngstown, Ohio. The seniors start planning their graduation parties a year in advance. Their parties can be at Boardman Park, Mr. Anthony’s Banquet Center in Boardman, Ohio, and Elm Tree Catering in Struthers, Ohio, among others. Some seniors don’t usually have graduation parties, but they go on vacation with their families. For their parties, they usually cater different types of food from different restaurants.

When asking Jacob Thompson about what his ideas are for his party, he said, “Having a little get together, having his family over, and eating food and cake. 

Every restaurant can cater for parties and bakery places can make senior’s cakes. I highly recommend for the senior’s parents to look at the reviews on what restaurants are best to cater and find the best bakeries.

Bake Me Treats in Poland, Ohio is a bakery that makes all kinds of cakes, cookies, and macarons etc. Also, Donavitos is an Italian Restaurant in Struthers, Ohio, and it can take orders for catering people’s graduation parties. 

All seniors’ graduation parties take place in the summer, and they have their parties at pavilions in parks or at their houses. At their houses for their parties, they have tents and tables set up and have an outside buffet. Senior parents cook food on their grill before they start their party. Family and friends spend their time together and play games with their seniors outside during their party. 

In conclusion, seniors can do whatever they want to create their graduation plans by going on vacation and having small parties. It’s a fun event to have as they end their high school journey. Seniors get to have the whole summer to hangout with their friends and go on vacations after they graduated high school. 

Donavito’s Restaurant and Catering 139 S Bridge St, Struthers, OH 44471

Phone number for Donavito’s: 330- 755- 3456

Bake Me Treats 16 S Main St, Poland, OH 44514 

Phone number for Bake Me Treats: 234- 254- 4005