Limitless Review

Limitless Review

Limitless is a TV show based around Brian Finch, who, possessed of extraordinary cognitive powers thanks to the mysterious pill called NZT. He works with the FBI to help solve cases.

The show takes place in New York city. Some of the characters are

Special Agent Rebecca Harris- Investigator with deep background.

Special Agent Boyle- Former Military officer that grew up with a rough life.  

Senator Edward Mora- Fellow user of the drug. Brain has a secret relationship with her.

This is a great show to start watching if you are looking for something new on netflix or if you’re into detective shows/mysteries. It is pretty cool getting to see all the little details that Brian Finch see’s, that leads him to a conclusion. However if all the detective stuff isn’t for you, there is also a romantic side to the show.

The show is well rounded in all components and I think it would be good for most people to watch. And who knows, you might even end up learning something new.