Art Exhibit: In Between Two Universes

In Youngstown, Ohio, The Butler Institute of American Art has welcomed a new exhibit by Eva Petric, a well known artist from Slovenia, titled In Between Two Universes. Petric “used a combination of light and shadows by assembling lace from donations and found and handmade pieces of lace from all over the world”; the exhibit is open from October 2, 2016 until December 31, 2016. It is free to get in, and guests receive free parking.

Mrs.Smith, English and Language Arts Teacher, has visited this exhibit.

She said, “I thought it was extremely unique. It had a dream-like atmosphere. Her inspiration with constellations and NASA was intriguing.”

Dr. Louis Zona, Executive Director and Chief Curator at The Butler Art Museum, and Eva Petric, artist, are at the opening day of the exhibit on Sunday, October 2.

When walking through the exhibit, it is quite astonishing to see her creative work with the lace and how the shadows are perfectly placed on the wall. One component of the exhibit includes a video room where sitting is available to watch a video she had made, incorporating her love for science and nature as well as whispering, buzzing, and various unique sounds. This audio component seems to bring the exhibit to life. The exhibit is a bit unique and has a eerie dream feeling to it, but it captivates the viewer.

According to the write-up for the exhibit, the author wrote that she was inspired by NASA and ESA images of constellations of stars.

It said, “The structure of a cell appears as a lace doily does, existing independently for itself but at the same time equally existing fully intertwined in a larger network of dollies.”


In conclusion, visit this  art exhibit of lace and shadows with a lovely video to go along with it. If you are wanting to visit the Butler or if you like science or art, this exhibit is a must.

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