ACT Tips and Tricks


As the October ACT is around the corner, students are starting to stress and begin to worry. For some this is the make or break test score to get into college. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself.

-Get signed up for an ACT prep class. The money will be worth it. Instructors help you with test taking strategies, as well as time management tips. You will also be familiar with the test format after taking multiple practice tests. 

-Buy an ACT prep book. They will help you in the long run. There are books that you can read that give you just a few brief descriptions of the sections and key rules to answering the questions. 

-Start asking teachers question on the sections you do poorly on. They will be able to help and you might learn something you never knew.

– The day of the test get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast. While eating breakfast read through your phone just to wake you up.

-When taking the test go through and get all the easy answers done first.

-Bring a snack for when you get a break. It will keep you awake!!
Good luck and happy testing!