Taco Bell Player of the Week

Last Friday night Senior Colten McFadden made it to the record

colt books at Poland Seminary. Kicking a 55-yard field goal against Youngstown East.

“When I went up to kick I didn’t really process that I was going to kick a 55-yard field goal. If you do think you’ll miss it,”Mcfadden said.

After making history with the last record holder being 50 yards in 1997, his family was ecstatic to see all of his hard work paying off.

“When I looked up to see my family they were jumping and screaming for me. Being the son of a former NFL football player and seeing my dad beaming with pride makes me want to continue pushing myself,”Mcfadden said.

The title of Taco Bell player of the week comes with votes from the public on WFMJ. The winner receives the recognition and pre/post meals for the whole team. Voting will end Tuesday at noon.

“It’s an honor to be in the running for this title, I really appreciate the support from the community and hope to bring the title to Poland, couldn’t have done it without my teammates and coaches,”McFadden said.

Click here to vote for Colten (voting ends Tuesday, Oct. 11th at noon)


Image from:Wilkinskicking.com