Horoscopes for October


Aries: Your most personal relationships will continue to be your top priority. You may think you don’t have the time, but if you stop all the hectic running around that you do and allow yourself to have fun you will be glad that you did.

Taurus: Watch what you eat because your waistline may begin to bulge! Your everyday tasks take on a whole new meaning. Throw out the trash and make some clean space for other things that are going to come into your life. For those of you in the career sector… get ready for that overtime.

Gemini: Good Luck is with you. Be careful of overspending. Usually you are very conservative with your money, but you should begin to feel in a very happy mood and that will allow you to spend, spend, and spend some more.

Cancer: You may not feel as if you are getting enough emotional support from those close to you. You tend to get discouraged, but being down on yourself is not a good use of this short transit. It’s time to start a new phase of your life and even if it doesn’t start off smoothly, it can bring about needed change down the road.

Leo: Home is where your heart is. If you have been feeling worn out or depressed, chances are your home needs some major upkeep too. Don’t be afraid to let go of situations, people, and things that you no longer need. The more you simplify your life, the happier you will be.

Virgo: The more credit you give yourself for all you have been through and how far you have come, the more credit and opportunities others will give you too. The time has come for you to make your own life your first priority. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to those that are used to you doing everything for them.

Libra: This is the happiest and luckiest time that you have had over the past 12 years. Focus-forward and take a chance on love. The main thing you need to do is understand that you ‘do’ deserve to be totally happy.

Scorpio: A new love interest can easily come your way. This could be a special person, or this could be you finally getting a career that you love, or it could even be that you have the time to work on the hobbies that you enjoy so much. The key statement for you this month is: “love who you are and love what you do” the rest will all fall into place for you.

Sagittarius:  You can be both a motivating and also driving force behind others or as part of the team. Teamwork and being part of something bigger and something important is vital to you.

Capricorn: You will be expected to nail your colors to the mast, this is not a month where you can fence sit, you will have to choose and commit to being on one side or another.

Aquarius: You will learn something very important regardless of whether it is at university, school or within the course of everyday life. You may actually be overwhelmed with information, or information you do receive can knock you sideways as it was not what you had assumed or anticipated.

Pisces: You may have to defend and fight for your values. Issues of principle are on the line, and you will not want to back down although you will have to make some compromises. Sharing with others can cause you some anxiety, and you will have to endure a degree of imposition on your territory in some way.


Adapted from;  http://astrologyclub.org/horoscope-2016/scorpio-2016/