Last Thursday, students from Mrs. Ross, AP Calc Class attended Mathfest. Math fest is held at YSU once a year for students around the area. The morning consists of either the challenge of champions test or the mixed teams competition. After that, students branched off into different workshops. There were over twenty workshops to choose from all having to do with math in some way.

“I attended the Bean Game and the mathematics of brain activity and I thought they were both very interesting and informative,” senior Shelby Berend said.

After lunch, students came back to the Chestnut room at Kilcawley to attend a presentation of how math is used in everyday life.

“I’m not really a math person. The best part of the day was getting Chick-Fil-A. But all the students enjoyed at least some part of the day,” senior Sydney Frost said.

At the end of the day, winners were announced. For the first time in thirteen years, a student got all the math questions right on the challenge of champions test. That winner was PSHS Sophomore, Sam Delatore.math-fest-2

“The questions were pretty tough, but afterward, I thought I had a great shot,” Delatore said.                 

Mrs. Ross says she will most likely take the students back next year.