The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: An Inside View of the Fall Play

Emily Gerak, Staff Writer and Columnist

By, Emily Gerak

Get ready because on November 17, the school play of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow takes center stage on opening night. This performance is about a superstitious young schoolmaster named Ichabod Crane and his interactions with the town and people of Sleepy Hollow.  Ichabod is especially taken with Katrina Van Tassel, the town heart breaker, who is basically promised to the antagonists of the play, Brom Bones.  

The play starts off in a forest clearing with four witches Sabrina, Ursula, Samantha, and Hilda talking about what mischief they are going to cause, and they decide to bring in the headless horseman! (If you are wondering why Sleepy Hollow sounds familiar, that’s because it is about the Headless Horseman.) This takes place during the late 1600’s around the time of Salem Witch Trials.

When asked why should people come to the play this year, the cast and director, Jess Weetman (the secretary play officer), responded, “Because it’s fun to put on and fun to watch.”

Weetman is a senior in the play who has been in every show. She is a dedicated cast member who, despite taking classes at YSU, is at every practice the play holds.

A cast member who wants to remain anonymous stated, “It’s a really fun club/activity to join, you make new friends with a fantastic group of people, and if you go see it, you can come see a funny show that will brighten up your day as well as raising the spirits of people in the play who have worked so hard to put on this show.”

Mrs. Fonagy has been directing plays at the school since the fall of 2001.

“This is one of the funniest, well acted shows that I’ve had the pleasure of directing,” said Mrs. Fonagy.

Behind the scenes, The Poland Players have been hard at work getting ready for the upcoming production.The Poland Players will be selling tickets around the time of the production. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will be performed from November 17-November 19. Come see this hilarious rendition of the famous story that you all know and love and come cheer on your fellow classmates who have worked hard to put on this performance for you.

Starring: Peter Koulianos as Ichabod Crane, Justin Tremonti as Brom Bones, Paige Shoemaker as Katrina Van Tassel, Aidan McDanel as Kristina Van Tassel, Logan Kountz as Holly Hamhocks, Hailey Semchee as Rose Venderwilde, Claire Morris as April Sanderfoot, David Leach as Jarvis Worry, Ian Grenzig as Baltus Van Tassel, Tessa Snider as Sabrina, Jessica Weetman as Samantha, Heather Peloza as Hilda, Marina Mediati as Ursula, Jordyn Wheaton as Bill Sanders, Luke Lankitus as hans Gildur, Ellie McDanel as Betty Gildur, Ryan O’Kane as Jeb, Noah Landry as Oltho Took, Seth Hammond as Dwayne Dieppe, Nate Garthwaite as Rodger, Lauren Sienkiewicz as Mary, Sydney Frost as Sally, Hannah Misko as Katie, and Grant McConnell as Gregory.