Opinion on First Official CFB Playoff Ranking

Cameron Morgan, Staff Writer

Last night, Tuesday November 1, the first official rankings were released by the committee. The order of the list is below.

1 Alabama 8-0
2 Clemson 8-0
3 Michigan 8-0
4 Texas A&M 7-1
5 Washington 8-0
6 Ohio State 7-1
7 Louisville 7-1
8 Wisconsin 6-2
9 Auburn 6-2
10 Nebraska 7-1


My opinion on this is that first of all, Clemson has no business being above Michigan. Clemson has not proven anything, and they have struggled against lesser opponents.

Michigan has completely dominated every game, even Wisconsin though the score won’t show due to missed field goals. Michigan had roughly 400 yards with Wisconsin getting 159.

Aside from that, why did overrated Texas A&M get the number 4 spot over the undefeated Washington? Washington is clearly the better team, as A&M got exposed by Nick Saban and Alabama.

I believe that one loss Ohio State, one loss Louisville, and most of all undefeated Washington is more deserving than A&M. Other than that, I don’t see much wrong with the list; I just think it’s outrageous that Texas A&M acquired that fourth spot.