We Salute You

We Salute You

Briana Musolino and Megan Johnston

November 11th is a special day dedicated to the men and women who have fought and served to keep our country safe and protect our freedom. We call this day Veteran’s day. This day is very important to all American citizens because it shows a person how much can be taken for granted. Behind every veteran is a family who’s spent so much of their life waiting for their loved one to come home. These heroes have sacrificed their lives for our country and they deserve to be honored every day.

Sergeant Jason Gribshaw came to PSHS to talk about the importance of Veterans day. Students were impacted greatly from what he had to say. vet-d

“I have family serving in the Air Force so hearing someone like Sergeant Gribshaw speak about Veterans day, gives me hope that my uncle will finally come home after not seeing him for 6 years,” senior Vince Garayua said.

The Seminarian and Poland Seminary would like to say a special thank you to Sergeant Gribshaw and every veteran out there. We are extremely grateful for your service.