Featured Athlete: Bella Gajdos


From: Poland Girl’s Hoops on Twitter


Name: Bella (Isabella) Gajdos

Sport: Basketball

Position: Point Guard

Height: 5’3”

Key Stat(s): Recently hit the 1,000 point club


Meal: Spaghetti and chicken

Music: Rap caviar

Key Motivation: Father and brothers


Seminarian: Is basketball your favorite sport?

Bella: Yes, basketball is my favorite sport.

Sem: Why do you play?

B: I play because the sport was introduced to me at a young age, and I’ve learned to love it.

Sem: What do you do in the off season to make yourself a better player?

B: I am constantly training with my dad in the off season, so I can perfect my playing style and be better for the next season.

Sem: How do you feel having very successful seasons the past 2 years?

B: I’m very humbled by having great success the past 2 years. I have just reached 1,000 points this year, which was a goal I set for myself coming into high school basketball. I couldn’t have done it without my team and coaches.

Sem: Finally, how would you like this current season to end?

B: I would like to come out on top at the end of the season. Winning a state title would be a great accomplishment for the team.

Photo Source: Poland Girl’s Hoops (Twitter)