Part-Time Job Madness


Working part-time jobs as a teen

Part-time jobs, such as working at Subway can be profitable; but they can also turn into a problem with school, extracurricular activities, and clubs.

High School is a busy time. Between sports, studying for tests, homework, and balancing time with friends and family, it can become a pretty stressful time for some people. Most high schoolers barely have enough time to sleep and adding a part-time job to the mix? Forget about that. However, for some teens having a part-time job has become a part of their busy schedule. I asked four students at PSHS and found out what their firsthand experiences with part-time jobs were.


Justine Carney(10)-Cleans office buildings after school

“I think having a part-time job can be stressful at times because I have to balance my school work with softball and my job, but my boss is pretty lenient with letting me take off work if I have too much work or softball practice. My boss always says school comes first, so I never have a problem if it becomes too stressful”.   

Gabriella Hryb(12)-Works at Justice and has multiple babysitting jobs

So far senior year hasn’t been stressful at all, and I have more time for work. I also don’t play any sports which means I have a lot of time on my hands. Since I go to college next year I want to start making more money and considering I have a goal, it makes work a lot more fun to go to. I want to be a teacher, so being a babysitter also helps me in the long run”.


Makenzie Gooden(11)-Works at Subway

Sometimes work can become pretty demanding and it gets hard to balance work with school. However, just like most teens, I want to have a steady income, and that makes it ultimately worth it”.


Alicia Connelly(10)-Works at Dairy Queen

“I just started working there, so my hours are fair but sometimes if my teacher’s schedule tests on the same days that I work I find myself staying up late or cram studying the next day. I also just started track, so I am a little concerned how I’m going to balance it all. I do however love working there, and I’m excited to have a regular paying job”.