Homecoming King and Queen Insight


Every year, the seniors at Poland Seminary High School elect members of their class to join the homecoming court and be able to be recognized by the community. 

The class of 2022 elected: Bella Milano, Syda Masucci, Sierra Wilkinson, Kenzie Szolek, Emmy Dinsio,  Jack Fulton, Michael Nittoli, Carmen D’Alesio, Dillon Smith, and Ethan McKenzie. 

The number of votes in total determines who gets to be on court. Whoever accumulated the most votes became homecoming royalty. 

For the 2021 homecoming, Emmy Dinsio and Ethan McKenzie were elected PSHS’s Homecoming Queen and King. 

When homecoming court was announced at the end of the school day on one of the Friday’s before the homecoming game and dance, the senior class was anxiously awaiting the results. 

After the results were announced, Senior, Emmy Dinsio said, “It was very exciting to be a part of something new.” 

Senior, Ethan McKenzie said, “It was a mix of excitement and nervous energy, but overall, I was grateful for the opportunity.”

Excitement levels were high for these two future crown winners; Dinsio reports that she was excited and it was a fun experience. 

McKenzie was a little more hesitant to accept his role on the court, and he stated, “I didn’t know what to expect though, so I wasn’t sure whether to embrace the moment.”

The homecoming court takes on different tasks, such as representing the school, and being recognized at the homecoming game, where king and queen are announced. 

Representing the community means that the court members have to look their best for the photo op’s for the yearbook. 

The workload is fun and not too stressful. 

“All I had to do was find a dress and shoes, and I was ready to go!” Dinsio said. 

Similarly, McKenzie was looking forward to just being there and reaping the benefits of being the face of the school. 

At the homecoming game, as the court started to be announced onto the field, the crowd was excited to find out who the winners would be. 

Dinsio said, “I was very surprised. I don’t think anybody up there was confident that they were going to win.”

McKenzie said, “I had an eerie feeling the crown might have been floating in my direction, but I was still quite shook by the announcement.”

The crowd was full of excitement for the new homecoming King and Queen. They received their crowns and began to take pictures with the rest of the court members. 

Dinsio said that her favorite part of being on homecoming court was “dabbing Carmen up when I won.” 

McKenzie said that his favorite part of being on homecoming court was “realizing that the people were willing to cast me a vote and support my climb to the throne.”

Congratulations to all of the members of the 2021 Homecoming Court! And, a special congratulations to the King and Queen! 

Dinsio leaves the statement: “Thanks to everyone who voted for me; it meant a lot!”

McKenzie said, “I appreciate the support. It’s been a blast. Long live the King!”