Boys Tennis Senior Night


The PSHS Boys Tennis season went extremely well, being conference co-champs. Even though their season is now over, it is important to remember our seniors and their last season. 

Our seniors this year included: Ethan McKenzie, Dom Klase, Carmen D’Alesio, Connor Maze, Angelo Elia, and finally Joey Iberis. McKenzie and Maze have played tennis for two years and Klase, D’Alsio, Elia, and Iberis have played all four years of high school; some of them even playing more than just their four years since some participants were on club teams and helped to coach outside of school. 

Needless to say Tennis has been an important part of their lives. This yea, D’Alesio, McKenzie, Elia, and Iberis went to districts. They performed great. 

An important event that should be highlighted is senior night, all seniors that played that night did very well and brought the whole team to a win against Niles. 

The boys were able to be announced of all their accomplishments, as well as their future plans. Most notably was the impressive brag sheets for each player, D’Alesio plans to attend The Ohio State University, along with Ethan McKenzie and Dom Klase. 

Joey Iberis is planning to attend John Carroll University. Connor Maze will attend Youngstown State University, and Angelo Elia will attend Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

All of these seniors are very accomplished young individuals and are proving themselves to be successful on and off the court. 

Senior Night was a great way to honor these individuals for all their accomplishments and achievements not just with tennis but also academically, socially, and even outside of school achievements. 

Each player has a bright future ahead of them and we can not wait to see what they do next. Speaking for not only the tennis team but everyone who knows these seniors, teachers and peers included, I am sure would be able to say that they are proud of their accomplishments and will miss them greatly as they embark on their new journey into college and take their next steps.