The True Face of Poland Football


Everyone in this town has seen a Poland football game, at least once while living here.  As a fan, all you see is the players and coaches playing on the field. However, what you don’t see is the magic given to the team the day prior.  

A tradition the Poland Football Team has carried on for many years consists of a spaghetti dinner for the team the day before the game.  Every meal has a special speaker to talk to the team.  This special speaker is not known by many but should be acknowledged for being one of the football team’s greatest weapons.

A woman by the name of Mrs. Carcelli speaks to the team to get them fired up before Friday night’s game. 

She said, “I have never missed a dinner that I was supposed to be at because the team is so important to me.”  

Carcelli has been doing this for the last six football seasons.  Her career as the team’s lucky charm started when her son Jared was a lineman here at Poland.  She would help out with the team when Coach Williams asked for her to take over the talks, as the last one retired.  

Carcelli said, “This Honor has given me the opportunity to let the players and cheerleaders know how much they are loved and appreciated by our amazing community.  Their dedication and commitment bring our town together. Go Dogs!”  

She is truly the face of the Poland Football team.  Without her, the community and team would not be the same.