Super Bowl Commercial Ads


By the time the Super Bowl roles around, everyone seems to get more and more excited. Of course not for the game, but the commercials. These days commercials are more of a nostalgic awakening rather than just an ad. Super Bowl commercials have a certain status to them, and every year, different companies attempt to make the most creative, funny, and original. 

As Americans we love to rank and see who is the best. Every year people across the country rank what they think are the best commercials of the Super Bowl. Here is our list and what we think encapsulates the best of the best.

Number 10: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones proves to be a Legendary series and a well known if that, so for that reason it makes the list as number 10.

Number 9: Tubi 

A very creative concept, and had everyone on edge about to throw something at the TV. Americans across the country fell into their trickery.

Number 8: He gets US

A heartwarming ad and gave awareness to those who need it. Of course, at the end of the day, it delivers the good news of Jesus. 

Number 7: NFL for Women

This ad was perfect for the number 7 spot. They have these ad’s once a year, but this year the commercial displayed a lot of unique influencers, youtubers, and football players.

Number 6: GM with Will Ferrell

Displays a well rounded actor that everyone is familiar with. They blended the car brand into the commercial and made it a part of the story. 

Number 5: Rakutan featuring Clueless

A homage we didn’t expect to see, this commercial brought the feel good nostalgia to a seemingly obscure brand.

Number 4: T Mobile with John Trovolta

We all miss Olivia Newton John, and as much as we would have liked to see her as well, it was great to John Travolta pay homage to this classic role. 

Number 3: Prime 

Cool to see this brand getting some commercial time. Very exciting from the new brand.

Number 2: Jack Harlow Doritos

Jack Harlow is extremely popular nowadays, and this commercial was really fun. This makes Doritos just as cool.

Number 1: Breaking Bad Popcorners

One of the most popular shows of all time; it was extremely hype to see the original actors reprise their roles.