Economics Shark Tank Competition


The  senior economics class is working on prototype inventions that they showed in a shark tank style presentation on April 20.

If you pitch your idea to the class, you can vote on the other ideas. If you are the winning idea, you get 20 bonus points.

I observed the 4th period class, and these were some the ideas presented by students:

Car Swap 

The consumer would go to a car vending machine with an app that’s $300/month; he or she can pick a car for however long wanted. If you bring it back in the same condition, you can get another car. There are tiers to it, and you pay a certain amount of money depending on the tier. It is a mix of a lease and a rental but at a better price. 

Quick, fast charger 

It is a fast self serving charger. Automatically charges phones to 100% using solar power. Several people can use the charger at once.

Drone Dash 

It is a service much like DoorDash, but with drones because it uses solar panels, so it’s better for the environment than cars that use gasoline

Blue Nexus

Blue Nexus is a media marketing application downloaded onto your phone where independent businesses, including plumbers and electricians, can post their applications and contractors can pick the best people needed for their job. The app is slated to generate between 5-10k a month. It generates this money between ads and makes some profit from the contract transactions on the site. There would be no need for a server room. It is an app that you market yourself on, but unlike LinkedIn and Zip Recruiter, Blue Nexus focuses on blue collar workers.

Senior Zach Donnachie elaborated on the Blue Nexus product. He worked on this with another classmate.

Donnachie said, “I chose this product to produce money and connect blue collar workers within the area.”

RL Tracker

Chip inserted into people that can track your real life stats including but not limited to,  age, net worth, and phone number. If you are in trouble, it will call the police. You can use it to look at people’s information, so you know a lot about them without having to talk to them.

RL tracker was the winning idea, so the two people in the group received bonus points.

The third period economics also did a presentation and here are a few of their ideas as well.

Drake Trolio’s group made a dating app that helps you get out of your comfort zone and be more bold.

Colin Anderson’s group made a new type of waterproof shoe that is stylish as well as functional.

Ben Harrell and Denis McCully made a shop that is a pizzeria during the daytime and a Five Nights at Freddy’s style horror attraction at night. 

The winning product was a shirt with a blue collar that paid homage to blue collar workers.

Overall, the project was very helpful for the students. 

The students also seemed to enjoy it as well. 

I felt like it was a fun project because you’re learning about all these different entrepreneurs and being able to make your own product and present it to the class was definitely worth it,” said Drake Trolio.