DIY Christmas Gift Idea


Lily Baird, Staff Writer

Have you ever been thinking about what to get your grandma or your mom or teacher for Christmas and not know what to get them? Well, I have the most perfect gift for all those people. All you need for this project is paper, scissors, a stapler with staples, and tape.

  • Take a paper and fold it into a perfect triangle
  • Then, you will cut the extra paper off of the triangle, so you are left with just the triangle.
  • This is kind of like making an average snowflake, but you don’t fold the paper before you cut it.
  • You can then cut the paper into 4-5 strips, starting from the fold of the triangle make sure the two ends almost meet at the top. You do not want the lines to meet at different points of the paper because then, it will not fold right
  • DO NOT cut the lines all the way.
  • You do this until you get a paper that has 4-5 cuts on each side from the middle and makes triangles
  • You then fold the middle piece one way and tape it.
  • The closest to that piece you fold and tape the opposite way.
  • You repeat this process until the whole paper is folded.
  • Repeat all these steps 6-8 times.

Once you get done with all these steps, you will have 6-8 pieces of the snowflake!

  • Take half of these pieces and grab the bottom of each piece
  • Take these pieces and staple them together
  • Do this again with the other half
  • Take all these pieces and staple them together

OPTIONAL: Take the outside middle of each piece and tape the pieces together. This helps with support and also makes it look better

Now, you have a pretty snowflake that you can hang up anywhere! This is again an amazing gift for a grandma, mom, or teacher for Christmas! I hope this demonstration will inspire you to make one of these snowflakes and give it to someone you care about. Happy Holidays!