Finding Peace Through a Virtual Museum


Emma Poland and Madison Genova

With the current situation in the world many are isolating themselves at home to insure that they and the people around them stay healthy.

So what can one do while cooped up in their home? Go on a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam!

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has the largest collection of art by Vinceint Van Gogh in the world. They have over 500 drawings, 200 paintings and 750 letters by Vincent Van Gogh.

In the collection, they have many different genres of Van Gogh’s paintings; you can scroll through any of the genres anytime you would like. You can go through Post-Impressionism, Modern art, Oil Paint, and so much more.

The virtual tour includes four museum views you can choose from. You have the option to go to Van Gogh Museum ground floor, first floor, second floor, and third floor.

On each floor you choose, there are an abundant amount of photos and paintings to look through. The paintings are accompanied by their titles as well. 

The website also has a feature to see Van Gogh’s artwork through a timeline.

This museum would be great people who enjoy art and history, so that means it would be a great learning experience for kids at home wanting to learn something new about something that was made centuries ago. 

The experience overall with the virtual tour was great, the website itself is very effective and updated, and it is not hard to navigate through. This is highly recommended to someone looking for something to do while they are doing their best to stay positive during these difficult times.

Stay healthy everyone!