Disney World Reflection

For the first time since 2018, the Poland marching band set off to Orlando! Usually, the band embarks every two years, switching between Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. However, with 2020’s infamous fate, the band had to take the trip off. This means that this trip was the first overnight trip for the entire band!

A question may arise: how exactly do you get 100 kids to Disney World? For this trip, our band directors opted to travel via charter bus. From the middle of the day on Thursday to Friday morning, the bus ride lasted around 20 hours. 

The bus ride, however, was not without its own adventures. Members traveled to rest stops, travel areas, and even Walmart to get some fresh air, but no account of the bus ride would be complete without a fan favorite: Buc-ee’s. The band was easily accommodated in the shop’s trademark bathroom; they were sometimes larger than some of the other stores themselves! Students even opted for different merchandise featuring the brand’s mascot beaver.

Alas, the true destination finally came into view, and travelers reached their first destination: Animal Kingdom. In this park, the focus is heavily placed upon nature and the conservation endeavors that come with it. Many critique how the park has comparatively less formal rides, but that is the beauty. 

Personally, I still enjoyed the newer Pandora area featuring Avatar-themed rides and think that the premise still fits within the park. However, I enjoyed my time most in the less guided attractions. The park featured a few mini trails featuring many endangered animals in efforts to raise funds. I was able to enjoy my time and talk to my friends without feeling overcome by the crowds.

Animal Kingdom, though, lacked one thing for me though: food options. The next day, Epcot’s world showcase created a much different experience. My group spent the most time in this area since the futuristic attractions from the front of the park were often closed for us. Here, we were able to try out a multitude of foods from around the world; our favorites were the sushi shops. 

In my opinion, Epcot is one of the most well rounded parks in Disney World. It’s easy to find what you want to do, yet there are still enough options for everyone to be happy and entertained throughout the day. It features more thrilling attractions: Test Track, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, or Mission Space. However, Epcot also features more scenic attractions like Soarin’ Around the World, Living With the Land, or Spaceship Earth. 

     We went to Magic Kingdom on our third day of the trip and it did not disappoint. The food was amazing and the park was built to feel magical. In my opinion, it was the only park that truly made me feel like I was in Walt Disney World. This park had many fun rides like Splash Mountain,Expedition Everest, and The Pirates of the Caribbean Boat Ride. It was the most amazing experience I had the entire trip. 

     We also made our way to one more park, Hollywood Studios. Though this park wasn’t my favorite, it was very well organized. They had different movie sections to walk through including Toy Story Land and Stars Wars Land. Stars Wars Land was the biggest area of the park. It had many rides, fun themed food, and many characters to interact with.The line for a ride with a twenty minute experience time called, “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” was almost six hours long due to delays, but overall completely worth it.

     The Marching Band’s 2022 trip was definitely a memory all students who went can share for the rest of their lives. There’s nothing like spending time with friends at Disney.