Fun Fall Activities

With the autumn season now arising , many people love doing fall exclusive activities. These are some unique and personal favorite activities to do by yourself or with loved ones. 

1 ) Visit a pumpkin patch; Pumpkin patches are something fun to do. It is very enjoyable for many to visit different pumpkin patches with their friends and family, and to see the leaves changing. It is a nice place to soak up the outdoors and enjoy the environment and nature we are provided with!

Some good locations to visit pumpkin patches are: Whitehouse Fruit Farms (of Canfield,) Old West Pumpkin Fest of Columbiana, Molnar Farms, and even as a last resort; many grocery stores hold cute pumpkins inside! An example of a grocery store that contains pumpkins may be Giant Eagle! 

2) Watch Scary Movies – Another enjoyable activity for many is getting comfy by curling up in  a blanket and watching scary movies at home. With the fall approaching, a lot of people will tend to find excuses to stay home and watch some scary movies. The weather isn’t as nice and people will tend to want to fill up a lot of free time.

Lots of different platforms contain variations of fall and Halloween themed movies! Some personal favorites from Netflix are ¨Fear Street 1994,” In the Tall Grass, and the show “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.¨

Good platforms to watch scary movies on cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc. And even some may not prefer to be home and can always check out the local movie theatres near them to see what other great movies are out. Some good movie theatres near the narrators of this article, may be Cinemark, Tinseltown, Boardman Movies 8, and Regal Cinema. Some scary movies dropping this fall are Smile, Halloween Ends, Don´t Worry Darling. Barbarian, Pearl, The Invitation, Trick ´r Treat , Terrifier 2, Scream 2- 25th Anniversary, Halloween, and more. The movie theatres is a good place to spend time with your friends and families in the Fall.

3) Bake Cute Fall Treats 

There is a variety of sweet treats specified just for the Fall!! Some good examples that can be baked in the Fall are pumpkin pie, candy apples, pumpkin seeds, donuts (Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice flavored preferred), Pumpkin Spice drinks/Foods as well as pumpkin shaped and themed treats. You can make pumpkin spice flavored treats/ coffee as well as Apple Cider themed things. Halloween ghost cookie recipes and mix are also out in stores! 

4) Decorate – Another fun thing to do in the fall is decorate your house for Halloween! Lots of families enjoy taking out fall and Halloween decor for their house! Usually starting in August and September many people tend to put up halloween lights, put pumpkins on their porch, put up fake spider webs, etc. It is a fun activity to drive by different houses in the fall to see all the decor everyone has put up around neighborhoods. 

5) Rake leaves – A chore and fun family activity is raking leaves! It is a chore that needs done anyway, and most parents appreciate when it is done for them; some find it fun, and it takes up a lot of time to complete! It is such an accomplishing feeling once done! 

6) Go shopping for Fall clothing- Another enjoyable hobby that can be done is by going shopping for new fall clothing! It can started by going to stores and looking for cute sweaters and sweatshirts, jeans and leggings; and winter coats. 

7) Buy a Halloween costume – The next step to enjoying the fall is finding a Halloween costume. Lots of children and teens find joy in going out for Halloween either trick or treating or going to a Halloween party with friends! Some local stores teens can stop to look at are Spirit Halloween, Party Place, and a new store opening up soon is called Quincy Costumes. 

The writers of this article also hope that those were some good examples. There are plenty more ideas that can come to mind, that way everyone can have a good fall season!