Featured Athlete: Gina Ungaro


Reid Gould and James Ranalli


Name: Gina Ungaro

Sport: Swimming

Key stats / accomplishments: Four Year Letterman and 4 Year District Qualifier


Meal: V8 juice for energy and mixed nuts

Music: Nothing specific, just go through my Pandora stations until I find a good song

Key motivation:The feeling after hitting the wall and seeing I did good is my key motivation before I dive in


Seminarian: Is swimming your favorite sport?

Gina Ungaro: Swimming has always been my favorite sport. I have been a swimmer longer than any other sport I played.

Sem: Why do you swim?

GU: I have been swimming for ten years now, so it has become a major part of my life. The sport keeps me active and motivated.

Sem: If you were to start your swimming career from scratch, what would you change and why?

GU: Since I have been swimming for so long, I reached my “peak” of the sport when I was younger. If I could go back, I would make sure my “peak” occurred while in high school, so I could accomplish more things at a higher level of the sport.

Sem: What kind of things do you do in the off season to make yourself a better swimmer?

GU: I swim all year round for other teams and do land training.

Sem: How do you feel after receiving a plethora of accomplishments over the past 4 years?

GU: It’s a very good feeling knowing that all the hard work paid off.

Sem: Finally, how would you like this upcoming season to end?

GU: I would like to qualify in all my events to districts for my fourth year and place well there.

Photo provided by Gina Ungaro