Alumni Feature: Sophia Delatore, Sophomore in Nursing 


Sophia Delatore, Sophomore in Nursing 

Sophia Delatore, majoring in Nursing, is currently attending college at YSU. She is in her sophomore year, partaking as a resident assistant in the dorms, a nursing ambassador, an anatomy tutor, and she is an alumni of Poland Seminary High School.

Delatore feels that attending college during a pandemic was both good and bad. She does not like the virus itself and not being able to attend school in person; however, it was a new and different experience that was not all bad. 

Delatore noted, “It is a true blessing and a curse. At least for the nursing population on campus; this is what we signed up for. ”

While Delatore has not administered a COVID test, she does know someone who has done so. She also expressed that at the university, due to COVID, it is different learning online. 

“I am not a fan of online classes where we should be learning things hands on. Last year was obviously different because classes were all on campus and sports were an event you could attend.”      

Overall, Delatore said that she finds her major of nursing enjoyable.

Delatore expressed, “Since getting accepted into the nursing program and officially starting nursing courses, every single page I have read and every note that I take is not only fascinating to me, but also, I know that it is important to know for life. Now there are two sides to this coin. The tests, yes, they cover a ton of material (15 chapters or over 300 pages of material) and can be annoyingly detail oriented at times, but they have helped me gain this new perspective on accessing people and their needs. It’s so cool when a friend comes up to me describing a pain sensation and trying to uncover what it’s causes  may be and how to suppress it. I absolutely love it.” 

The job opportunities, the chance to help others in need, and the incredible job security were all contributing reasons which led her to choose nursing as a major. 

Delatore emphasized, “I chose nursing because I know when I graduate, there will be many job opportunities for me as well as in the US; there is a national shortage of nurses and in some states, and they are paying nurses as much as double because of this. Nursing also has fantastic job security (once again not all majors have this as well), as well as most importantly an endless amount of possible routes you can take your degree with. For example, if you don’t like blood or even patient interactions you can still be a nurse! If you like fast paced days that are never the same or calm days that stick to a regular schedule you can still be a nurse! Also, nurses work everywhere including hospitals, schools, airplanes, cruise ships, you name it they probably work there. ” 

Delatore learned many interesting elements in nursing but emphasized that she enjoys preparing to help those who are in need.

In reflection, Delatore said that the most interesting element she has learned pertains to the abdomen in regards to helping the patient identify the underlying problem. 

Delatore noted, “The most interesting thing I have learned so far is kind of strange but applying to the abdomen, what different sounds of the abdomen mean and if a patient presents a pain sensation in the abdominal region, the location that they point to can give much needed information on what the problem may be.”          

Delatore has been named to President’s List at Youngstown State University for Spring Semester 2020 for achieving a perfect 4.0 grade point average.