A Trip Down Memory Lane: Back to College Street


As basketball season starts up, the Poland schools have a new way of bringing the community together. Poland athletics, along with other administrators, organized Back to College Street, an event inviting graduates, community members, and families to tour and reminisce in the halls of The Middle School. The event will be held at Poland Middle School on November 21 at 6:00 P.M.

As a continuation of the food drive, admission for the event will be one non-perishable food item. Back to College Street will feature a meet the team with the girls and boys basketball teams, including the 7-12 grade players. The basketball teams will split up and play scrimmages against each other as a fun way to start off the basketball season, and all community members are welcome to watch and support. The PSHS pep band will provide music for this event, and a food truck will be provided as well.

 Mr. David Purins, the Poland Middle School Principal and one of the coordinators of the event, invites everyone to come walk the halls of the old original middle school and to celebrate the kids.

The principal said, “Any time we bring families together… any time we can do an event that is to highlight our students, it’s a wonderful thing.”

The event is a fantastic opportunity to honor alumni as well as meet the newest students, mixing both the old and new generations of Poland. Mr. Purins emphasizes that families, past graduates, and all community members are welcome to tour the building and reminisce about where they went to school before. 

There is no better time to visit the middle school, and some alumni’s Old Seminary, then Back to College Street.

Mr. Purins said, “I think anytime we can invite community members back to the schools to do those things and also have a little walk down memory lane and remember when they went to school here themselves, I think that helps to build a love and appreciation for the school district and the work that we do.”