Get to Know the New Teachers


Katelyn Domico and Derek Dunham

PSHS is thrilled to have two new teachers this school year, Mr. DiPietro and Mrs. Diamond.

These two teachers reflected on their new positions for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Mr.Dipietro is a Boardman High School Alumni and has lived in the area all his life. 

When asked about what was so appealing about this district Mr DiPietro stated, “I wanted to come to Poland because I wanted to work some of the best students out there, and I truly believe that the students in the Poland school district are some of the best out there. 

He has taught in the Poland Schools district for seven years now; however, this is his first year teaching at the high school level.

Reflecting on the transition Mr. DiPietro said,  “The transition has been challenging, but also very rewarding. I have found coming from the middle school to the high school has been an exciting change of pace learning the new context and the curriculum. I have very much enjoyed being able to see the faces of students I worked with at a much younger level; I’m very proud to see how they have grown. In regards to the pandemic, it has been challenging making sure I am providing the same learning experience for students online as well as students in the classroom.”

Mrs. Diamond, a math teacher, is starting her teaching career at PSHS. 

Originally from Poland, she went to PSHS until she was a sophomore when she moved to Western Reserve. 

Our staff asked  her why she was interested in becoming a teacher. She replied with how she was always interested in being able to help people and to make an impact on peoples’ lives. 

Diamond said, “I’m really excited to be here, especially being a first year teacher, stepping in has been really exciting and fun so far. So I just look forward to doing that.”

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Diamond coaches girls volleyball and girls basketball. 

All in all, Mrs. Diamond is excited to be working with her students this year and is also looking forward to coaching the girls volleyball and basketball teams.