Holy Family Christmas Concert


Danielle Scott, Co-Editor

Music Fills the Pews

On Saturday, Dec. 16, the sounds of sleigh bells and chimes loaded the walls of Holy Family yet again this year. For the past 5 years, the Poland Seminary High School Wind Ensemble has gone to Holy Family to put on a Christmas Concert for all communities around to enjoy. This year, Wind Ensemble is composed of around 65 members and played “Sleigh Bells,” “Feliz Navidad,” “Merry Christmas, Everyone!,” and “Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Real.”

This is Mr. Hvizdos’ first year as the main band director, and he said that he’s “really enjoyed every minute. The support that the students, parents, and administration has showed me is outstanding.”

Many band members have looked forward to this concert because it was a break from all the serious and vigorous concert music they usual play. It also helps everyone get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the music that fills the pews of Holy Family.

Lindsay Roberts, senior, said, “It is my favorite concert of the year because it’s really festive and so many people people from community show up.”

This year started a little rough with all the new incoming freshmen, but it has grown a lot, and many members are amazed by this.

Ellie Blasko, junior, says that she is “quite impressed with how our songs have come along.”

A lot of members also enjoy this concert because it is not too challenging, but still not an easy break either, as Ella Harrell, freshmen, said, “It’s been fun. I love the music because it’s not too easy, but it’s not hard either.”

The audience seemed to really enjoy the concert, and many are intrigued to come back again next year, even if their kids aren’t in it!