The comeback of FORTNITE

Fortnite Battle Royal, an internet sensation that took the world by storm back in 2017. The game was released on every platform and was free, so everyone bought the game. Soon, people would stream on big platforms like twitch and YouTube and soon gained fame which convinced more and more people to download Fortnite.

Eventually, the live player count rose to millions. Further into the games history, a new location was added to the map by the name of tilted towers. This new hot drop was always a place to land. There was roughly an average of 27 people a game would use this landing spot. Tilted towers stayed in the game for months until it was rumored to be removed.

Sadly, the rumors became true and arguably best place to land in the game was removed from the game.

At this point in time, the active player count started to drop. Eventually, big time streamers stopped playing and would not stream the game and Fortnite was considered dead. As any dying game would do, they tried to incorporate things to bring the active player numbers up.

They did things like add cross-play, so you can play with your friends from other consoles as well as epic games would collaborate with well known films and movies that would come out.

Fortnite used Thanos to make a special game mode and even a player skin of Thanos. This raised the player count up but nowhere near the peak of Fortnite.

But, Epic games did not give up on their game and continued to use movies to boost there game until the recent release of the new Spider-man movie.

Fortnite added a slide mechanic as well as web shooters, so you can swing around the map and move from place to place in seconds rather than minutes.

After this addition Fortnite was basically back. The player base had risen back to peak numbers and soon the popular streams were back streaming the game. Then, there were rumors that tilted towers was going to come back to Fortnite when the ice had melted.

The rumors came to be true and about a week ago is when tired towers made its way back into the now popular again game of Fortnite.

The active player base rose back to record high numbers. This was the comeback of Epic games, Fortnite Battle Royal.