College Tips For Getting Involved on Campus


To the seniors who are about to graduate, you may ask yourself, “What could I do that would make my college experience more memorable?”

Freshman David Gessler, PSHS Alum, who spends most of his time getting involved with YSU’s Honors College, has some advice to give current Poland Seminary High School Students, dealing with getting involved on campus.

Even though it doesn’t seem like a big change from high school, it will be apparent once the college experience begins.

“Classes are going to get harder, but I think that is expected,” said Gessler.

Gessler’s advice to people who are more introverted is to get involved because there are so many opportunities. With about 200 student organizations, anyone can find a club to join even if you are more socially reserved. Some clubs require one to attend meetings or participate in events, depending on the purpose of the club.

“You may have to step slightly out of your comfort zone, but I promise it will be worth it. You will get to experience a lot and meet people who have similar interests to yours,” said Gessler.

And if there isn’t a club one likes, he or she may be able to create a club. One would have to speak with the Student Activities Office in Kilcawley Center at YSU, give them a layout of the club’s intent, and have some people willing to join the potential club.

If joining a club isn’t justified, try joining Greek Life at YSU. Each fraternity/sorority has their own cause and criteria that one would have to meet in order to be a member. There are philanthropic and academic purposes for each fraternity and sorority along with the social purposes as well.

Gessler said, “But making friends and being apart of YSU’s Campus Life has really made college fun for me.”

If you are going to YSU, consider what David Gessler reported about his first year experience. Even if you aren’t going to YSU, other colleges, of course, have similar set-ups.