How to Shop Locallly

To shop locally during this pandemic (Covid-19), there are many ways to stay safe. You can shop online, such as, buying groceries, equipment, toys, etc… Another way for businesses is take out food. 

However, if you want to risk it and go into the store or gas station, you should wear a mask and or gloves, but also use alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer after coming out of the building. 

Also, wash your hands when you get the opportunity. 

Shopping locally during the quarantine can do many things to prevent the spread or avoid it such as always washing your hands frequently, and you can also wear a mask that is approved by doctors.  

You should only shop if you need the necessary things, so you don’t have to keep going out and risking getting the disease. 

In conclusion, you can use masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to help yourself if you need to go out and shop and remember to only go out for the necessary items you may need for yourself during this hard time we are currently facing right now.